Mod Skin Aatrox

Aatrox fills his Blood Well through his abilities, depleting by (20% maximum) per second while out of combat. When the Blood Well is filled, Aatrox gains Hellbent for 4 seconds as the Blood Well drains. During Hellbent, dealing or taking damage against enemy champions or neutral monsters will completely fill the Blood Well and refresh Hellbent duration.

If you love playing Aatrox, don't hesitate to download some custom skins for him. Or you can go back and check more mod skin lol.

At A Glance: List Of Mod Skin (Custom Skin) For Aatrox

Skin Name


Download Link

Classic Aatrox


Justicar Aatrox


Mecha Aatrox


Sea Hunter Aatrox

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